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    "Quiet Line" Distributed Loss R.F. Attenuation Cable
    Quiet Line is a continuously extruded, distributed loss, low pass filter line for high voltage applications. Quiet line is a flexible element offering R.F. power attenuation and can be spliced onto an existing high voltage lead assembly or supplied as an entire high voltage lead assembly.

    Quiet Line is available with or without a silicone rubber coating. This continuous thin wall coating is applied over the FEP or PFA jacket and allows the user to achieve a superior dielectric bond when potting or encapsulating with a compatible silicone material.

    Quiet Line is available either shielded or non-shielded with or without the silicone rubber coating. Six loss core diameters are offered providing a range of rated voltages and R.F. insertion loss characteristics. The configurations are shown with the attributes of each configuration.

    Special configurations are available pending a review of your requirements by Reynolds engineering department personnel.

    Operating Temperature
    -55 to +125 ┬║C