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JR is a series of subminiature high voltage cable assemblies that are ideally designed to interconnect low power, mini-TWTs to a power supply in Radar or Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) systems. Since their introduction, these high contact density assemblies have also found applications in laser systems, photomultiplier detection systems, night vision systems and other applications where high voltage in a small package with a highly, flexible cable harness is required.

JR Series connectors are only available as pre-assembled plug or receptacle cable assemblies. Each assembly is wired with Teledyne Reynold's Ready-to-Bond™ etched FEP or silicone coated, FEP cable. A braided shield or NOMEX® woven jacket is optional. The insulator is a thermoplastic on both the plug and receptacle, but the Advanced Interface Seals™ contained in the receptacle are silicone. The receptacle and plug bodies are nickel plated aluminum.
Unit of Measure




Assembly Type

N/A Single-Ended Receptacle Cable Assembly

Voltage Rating

N/A 6 kVDC

Altitude Rating

N/A 70,000 ft

Operating Temperature

N/A -55 to 125 ºC

Current Rating

N/A 5 A

Insulator Material

N/A Plastic

Coupling Style

N/A Jack Screw

Number of Contacts

N/A 6

Applicable Mate

N/A 178-8363

Interface Seal

N/A Silicone Rubber

Panel Mounting Style

N/A Front Mount
Standard/Non-Standard1 N/A Standard Part

Braid Termination

N/A Crimp

Test Voltage at 70,000 ft

N/A 9 kVDC

Sealed Receptacle

N/A Yes
Cable Assembly Length2 N/A All cable assembly cable lengths are to be specified in inches only. For example, to order part number 178-6027 with a cable length of 10 feet 8 inches the cable assembly part number would be specified as 178-6027-128N.

Manufacturing Notes

N/A Contact Teledyne Reynold's Engineering to discuss custom designs. Product numbers and specs subject to change without notice. Products listed represent only a small selection of Teledyne Reynold's products please visit for the most up to date product information.

Coupling Nut Properties

Coupling Nut Material

N/A Aluminum

Coupling Nut Finish

N/A Nickel

Contact Properties

Contact Type

N/A Male

Contact Design

N/A Spherical Radius

Contact Material

N/A Brass

Contact Finish

N/A Gold

Contact Diameter

N/A 0.020 in

Cable / Wire Properties


N/A No



  • Lasers
  • Photomultipliers
  • Power Supplies
  • TWT

Wire Specifications

Part #

N/A 178-8410

Operating Voltage

N/A 18 kVDC

Conductor AWG

N/A 24

Conductor Strands

N/A 19/36

Conductor Plating


Insulation Material


Insulator Diameter

N/A 0.58 in1.48 mm
  • 1 Non-standard parts will have longer lead times and potentially higher pricing. Please contact Teledyne Reynolds Engineering department to determine feasibility for use in your application.
  • 2 (Mentioned in the image by **)