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Threaded, single ended, non-shielded cable assembly

Century + Plus series employs a slightly larger interface seal than the Century series and and is rated at 18 kVDC.

While the catalog products are single pin, this series has been widely used in multi-pin special applications for Laser Gyroscopes, Laser Range Finders and TWT interconnections in ECM and Radar high voltage power supplies. Shielded cable assemblies are available.

Century + Plus provides both plastic and high alumina ceramic receptacles. Cable assemblies use Ready-to-Bond FEP cable.

Unit of Measure



N/A Century+

Assembly Type

N/A Single-Ended Plug Cable Assembly

Altitude/Reduced Pressure Rating

N/A 70,000 ft.

Current Rating


Operating Temperature

N/A -55 to 95 ºC

Test Voltage

N/A 25 kVDC at 70,000 ft. (simulated) at ambient temperature

Mating Compatibility

N/A Mates all century plus series threaded receptacles.

Interface Seal

N/A Silicone Rubber

Wire Type

N/A Non-Shielded

Current Rating (RMS)

N/A 12 A

Insulator Material

N/A Plastic
Standard/Non-Standard1 N/A Non-standard Part

Coupling Style

N/A Threaded

Sealed Receptacle


Wire Insulation

N/A 0.110 in. diameter silicone coated FEP FEP

Wire P/N

N/A 178-8781

Braid Termination

N/A Band

Export Classification


RoHS Compliant


Voltage Rating

N/A 18 kVDC

Body Properties

Coupling Nut Material

N/A CRES Stainless Steel

Contact Properties

Contact Material

N/A BeCu/Au with CRES Hood

Contact Type

N/A Female

Contact Size

N/A 22
  • 1 Non-standard parts will have longer lead times and potentially higher pricing. Please contact Teledyne Reynolds Engineering department to determine feasibility for use in your application.