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The Micro-Arc spark gap series are designed for electrical transient protection and energy release in applications where miniaturized packaging is necessary and small transient currents are anticipated. They may also be used where a large one time energy release is required, for example, in the initiation of explosive detonations. They offer a high insulation resistance of greater than 1 x 10E9 ohms and capacitance of less than 1pF. Surge capability is 1000 amperes (8 x 20 usec waveshape).

The spark gaps are available in a DC breakdown voltage range from 90 to 2000 volts except for the half and quarter sizes which are limited to an upper limit of 1000 and 500 volts respectively. Note: Voltages are available thru 1650V on MCQ and thru 2000V on MCH series provided adequate over-potting is utilized by the customer. Units normally stocked are as follows. Other breakdown voltages are available on request.

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Part Number

DC Breakdown Voltage at 100V/sec

Impulse Breakdown at 10kV/usec

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MCH-0230 N/A 196 to 264 V N/A <1100 Request Quote
MCH-0350 N/A 298 to 402 V N/A <1200 Request Quote
MCH-0500 N/A 425 to 575 V N/A <1300 Request Quote
MCH-0800 N/A 680 to 920 V N/A <1800 Request Quote
MCH-1000 N/A 850 to 1150 V N/A <2100 Request Quote
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