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High Voltage Coaxial/Shielded Cable
These coaxial and shielded cables have been used in both military and industrial high voltage applications including Radar, ECM systems, power supplies and instrumentation. Many of the cables have controlled impedance. Figures for inductance and loop resistance (shield coupled to center conductor) are available upon request.

167-2669 and 178-8793 cables have controlled impedance, inductance and capacitance for fast response times and are used extensively to connect Exploding Bridge wire Detonators (EBW) to a Capacitor Discharge Unit (CDU).

Cable 178-5065 has foam insulation, giving lower capacitance and higher impedance. It has been used in cockpit displays.

Reynolds connectors are available for use with all cable types shown to complete your high voltage interconnection requirements.

Pre-conditioning of FEP wire or cable is recommended because FEP insulation will shrink when exposed to temperature cycling. Pre-conditioning should be conducted in an air circulating oven at 204ºC (400ºF) for one hour. Pre-conditioning should only be performed on cut lengths prior to stripping and any termination procedure. No attempt should be made to condition wire or cable in bulk form or while spooled.

While ordering, Use part number and specify length in feet.

Operating Temperature
-55 to +125 ºC

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Part Number

Conductor Gauge

Conductor Strands

Conductor Plating

Conductor Diameter

Voltage Rating

Wire Insulation

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167-2896 N/A 26 AWG N/A 19/38 N/A Silver Plated N/A 0.019 in0.095 in N/A 18 kVDC N/A "L" Request Quote
167-2669 N/A 16 AWG N/A 18/29 N/A Tin Plated N/A 0.059 in0.195 in N/A 20 kVDC N/A "L" Request Quote
167-9346 N/A 22 AWG N/A 19/34 N/A Silver Plated N/A 0.031 in0.125 in N/A 22 kVDC N/A 0.080 "L" Request Quote
167-8726 N/A 22 AWG N/A 19/34 N/A Silver Plated N/A 0.031 in0.145 in N/A 25 kVDC N/A 0.100 "L" Request Quote
167-9785 N/A 20 AWG N/A 19/32 N/A Tin Plated N/A 0.039 in0.220 in N/A 40 kVDC N/A Request Quote
167-9639 N/A 20 AWG N/A 19/32 N/A Silver Plated N/A 0.200 in N/A N/A Request Quote
178-6053 N/A 16 AWG N/A 19/29 N/A Silver Plated N/A 0.195 in N/A 20 kVDC N/A Request Quote
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